Halloween Book Review: Dangerous Adventures


Frangoline and the Midnight Dream by Clemency Pearce and Rebecca Elliott

Frangoline was told to go to bed. Frangoline was told to stay in bed. Frangoline decided to get up, sneak out of the house, and explore the world at night, where she encounters many adventures and frightening things. Finally, the creatures of the night tell her to go home, go to bed, and stay there! Frangoline runs home and promises to be good – for tonight.

It’s a spooky book about a girl who breaks rules, takes risks and has adventures that very nearly become disastrous. The images and creatures are very Halloween-esque.

However, if you have a child who is inclined to actually leave the house and break the rules, then this book may not be for you. On the other hand, if your child simply enjoys a good adventure, this book may prove to be a big hit! The quote posted HERE should help you decide if Frangoline is a good fit for your family.

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Suggestions for Building Excitement Over The Holidays

Ordering Books: Whether you are building a family library or simply looking for a fun way to build-up to the Halloween celebration, having brand new books shipped to your home, in your child’s name, is a great way to do it. To a child, it is super exciting to receive a package in the mail, addressed to them! They may even want to read their brand-new book immediately AND before bed.

Library Holds: If you’d prefer to review the books before buying them, or need to maintain a tight budget, then use the local library. Go to the library website, locate the book and place it on hold. When the notification arrives, bring the child along and let them help find the books in the on-hold shelves.

Midnight is for Sleeping



“Girl, promise us that you’ll be good, and always do just as you should.”
Frangoline said, “I just might…at least until tomorrow night.”

Frangoline and the Midnight Dream by Clemency Pearce and Rebecca Elliott

October 31st is !

Overcoming Rape With Dance



National Dance Week is April 24-May 3, 2015.

Profile of Sohini Chakraborty, India

“I am not teaching dance; I am inspiring dignity and self-respect.”

“Girls who are the victims of violence and sexual trafficking are extremely uncomfortable with their bodies,” Sohini explains. “They don’t feel physicality because they feel it is responsible for the stigma attached to them.”

“In the brothel, you have no control over your body,” she explains. “But when you dance, you are the one giving expression to your body. You are controller of your body, of your mind, of your expression. It’s freedom.”

Vital Voices: The Power of Women Leading Change Around the World by Alyse Nelson


Her Own Rope



Eve’s Mouth

“Now we’ve got to Rapunzel, she’s chilling in the tower
Waiting for the handsome prince
She’s sapped of all her power
Finally, one day, the handsome prince in town
Called up to Rapunzel, “Yo girl, let it down!”
But our dear Rapunzel was nowhere to be seen,
Yes our dear Rapunzel had learned something keen
“All that time alone kinda taught me how to cope,
So I shaved my head and I made me a rope!””

Built Like That by Alix Olson

Overcoming The Snowy Mountain



“When she stands still, Lulu can hear the trees creaking in the wind. A few dry leaves that cling to the branches ring like little bells. It sounds like music.”

“She’s not just Lulu, she’s Ladybug Girl, and Ladybug Girl can do anything! Nothing is going to keep her from getting where she wants to go!”

“The mountain seems so small now. It’s funny how one thing can change into another, just like that.”

Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow by David Soman and Jacky Davis